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CAMP Digital is a project to adapt justice to the globalized world. The virtualization of arbitration will give greater satisfaction to the parties in terms of practicality and economy.

CAMP DIGITAL was born out of the need to adapt and modernize arbitration procedures to the technological era, especially in the COVID-19 scenario. For this, a software was created and adapted, totally in charge of young Paraguayan professionals, members of CAMP. Through digital resources, it will be possible to administer arbitration proceedings remotely in a safe and convenient way.

It offers a fast, economical and effective solution to the conflict of the parties, while counting on other strengths such as the specialty and professionalism in the conflict area on the part of the arbitrators. This new proposal strengthens this service available to the public.

Its version is 100% online and in terms of advantages, the main highlights are saving time, ease of procedures, friendly to the environment by eliminating the use of paper, as well as being more efficient and transparent in its use..


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