This service is subdivided into several programs thinking about the needs of each sector of the public in particular and aimed at professionals, institutions, companies, unions and universities interested in information and training on Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution in general and / or training on issues specific events related to Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration.


They are aimed at a public that wants to know the Conflict Resolution Methods for their own management, but they do not need to use the tool as a professional service.


They are aimed at groups of people who wish to obtain a more complete view of the Conflict Resolution Methods within the specialization that each one handles without obtaining the CERTIFICATION to exercise the use of them.


They are aimed at a segment of the public that wants to BE CERTIFIED in the matter to provide services as professionals (Arbitrator or Mediator).

They are subdivided into:

CERTIFICATION IN MEDIATION: The certification is the result of a training process dictated in three levels at the end of which the candidate to use the Mediation tool professionally, is in technical and practical conditions to intervene.
CERTIFICATION IN ARBITRATION: Certification is carried out through a training and selection process taking into account the specialty and professional experience of the candidates.

In both cases, an Advisory Committee approves the programs to be developed and evaluates the quality and professional performance of the national and foreign teachers who will train future mediators and arbitrators. Likewise, award the corresponding certificates to the participants of the training programs, after evaluating them.


They are aimed at professional arbitrators and mediators who need an UPDATE of their knowledge or simply want to acquire some SPECIALIZATION within their field (Labor, Commercial, Family Businesses, Trademarks and Patents, etc.) but people from other areas who are interested in these specific topics.


Aimed at groups of people who wish to obtain a more complete view of the Conflict Resolution tools (Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration) to apply them to their professional performance.


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